A Mirror for your Mind: How Meta Sadhu Lab uses a Buddhism-inspired neural tool to develop global consciousness

Meta Sadhu
3 min readApr 10, 2023


Meta Sadhu Lab is a group of innovators inspired by Buddhist teachings and modern cognitive science, striving to cultivate global consciousness. The team believes that the journey to a better world starts with an individual’s mental wellbeing, and that our inner mental state affects our behavior. This is the notion of karma, and it highlights the importance of self‑control and understanding of the mind.

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Do you look in the mirror every day, focusing on the smallest details of your appearance? Do you try to fix the wrinkles and spots in your reflection to achieve a better image? — Probably yes. But have you ever taken a look at your own mind? Your consciousness is the source of life as you know it — and it also has some wrinkles and spots that can be fixed.

Western society does not provide much guidance on how to control and understand our mental states, instead emphasizing physical characteristics. We are used to looking in the mirror and focusing on our appearance, yet rarely do we take the time to look within ourselves.

Modern neuroscience has given us the ability to peer into the workings of the mind like never before. With years of research behind us, we have developed powerful tools for investigating the central nervous system, including MRI scans and neural tests. But now, there is a new tool that takes things to the next level — a tool that can act as a “pocket mirror for your mind.”

Developed by Sadhu Lab, this innovative 10-min neural screening can be taken remotely from your computer. Inspired by the latest cognitive research and driven by the idea of mindfulness, the screening assesses 10 key neural factors that are critical to our mental wellbeing: solution, balance, self-control, will, reaction, mental agility, self-regulation, antistress, attention, and control. By identifying and understanding these factors, we can gain a deeper insight into our own minds, and take steps to cultivate a more balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Basically, the test is meant to reflect your brain functions — the same as your physical features are reflected in the mirror. This way, you can get an understanding of your current mental state and determine which functions are needed to be improved.

After a while of cultivating mental skills, you will no longer need to apply contrived efforts, as you learn to understand your own mind. And when you learn to understand yourself, you improve the ability to understand others as well — thus, contributing to the ambitious and effort-worthwhile cause of raising the global consciousness. Modern neuroscience affirms what Buddha Gautama already said 2500 years ago:

“You have two options — to control your mind or to let your mind control you”.

The choice is yours, make it.



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